ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Choosing to renovate your Sash Windows instead of simply replacing them has a positive environmental impact, find out more here. THE WORX THE CRAFTWORX SURVEY Each window will be assessed internally and externally where possible and we will discuss what each individual window requires with you. A written estimate of the works required will be provided following our survey. Once you are happy for us to proceed, we will arrange a suitable date to commence and determine the timescale for the work to be completed. If any additional work is uncovered during the renovation we will discuss options with you before proceeding. CRAFTWORX SERVICE Standard Renovation: - Replace all cords with new wax coated sash cord (appropriate to the weight of the sash).  - Free up pulley wheels of paint and lubricate for smooth operation.  - Weigh sashes, appropriate counter-balance weight is achieved.  - Replace centre catch for increased security and to increase draught proofing.  - Putty repairs, where appropriate.  - Adjust meeting rails to meet correctly.  - Adjust widths of sashes, where appropriate.  - Scrape off excess paint from the box and the sashes and sand to obtain   smooth running surfaces       for the working of the window.  - Prime inside and outside faces of the sashes ready for the finish coat.  - Fill and sand screw holes or uneven surfaces on the sashes.  - Replace parting bead with draught proofing system.  - Replace baton rods with draught proofing baton rods.  - Cut draught proofing brushes into the meeting rail and bottom rail of the bottom sash.   Additional repairs:  - Tennon joint repairs.  - Re-glazing.  - Window sill replacement.  - Sash replacements  - Box replacements  - Any other repairs (to be discussed at the survey)   Additional services:  - Outside mastic, sand mastic or a more modern silicone based sealant  - Painting windows and boxes.  - Ad hoc joinery.   Proudly serving Central Scotland Unit 3, Block A, 42 East Main Street, Blackburn, EH47 7QU.  Registered in Scotland SC370973.    Design by LimeChilli Media CONTACT US CRAFTWORX provides skilled craftsmen, who deliver a friendly professional service. If you have any questions at all please contact us. TESTIMONIALS “Many thanks Craft Worx. Great to have such quiet, industrious workman in my house, who pay such attention to detail...” Read more click here.