What people ask us frequently…

Do you charge for a survey?
No we don’t charge for surveys, no charge and no obligation.

How far will you travel?
We have worked as far as Essex although not the norm! We are happy to travel outwith the regular city boundaries. Please contact us to ask.

Do you provide a written quotation?
We provide a fixed price quotation valid for up to 60 days.

What happens if any unforeseen work is required which was not detailed on the survey?
Our survey is such in terms of its detail that there are rarely additional works as we are very thorough. However due to the nature of our work, sometimes when we work with historic windows additional work may be required that could not be quantified at the survey. A further written estimate for additional work would be presented and discussed. Minor works would most likely be covered without additional cost but chargeable work will not be done without asking permission and confirming details with you.

What are your payment terms?
We ask that you pay a 10% deposit when you confirm that you would like to proceed with your project. Where DG units are required or specific joinery, we would ask for the amount to meet with our suppliers terms and conditions to which we must adhere to. Details will be presented on our written quotation. The balance will be payable on completion of the project and once you are completely satisfied with our work.

How can I pay?
We accept BACS, cash, cheque, all major credit and debit cards and Pay Pal. Please click on £ for more detail.

Is the work guaranteed?
Our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

What is your lead time?
This can vary, at times it can be 6-8 weeks, however we discuss this with you at the survey and also present possible dates in our written quotation. If work is required urgently we will do our best to accommodate you within our own workload.

Do I need to comply with building regulations?
Repairing, upgrading or partial replacement does not normally need to be regulated. All of our replacement components will be matched to existing styling.

My building is listed what do I need to do?
You need to apply for listed building consent with your local authority to carry out any alterations such as installing DG. Repairs to existing windows do not generally require consent but it is always best to check…You may need to provide sectional, elevation drawings together with a plan of the local area. Most authorities have excellent information and guidance on their website and we may be able to submit the application on your behalf depending on each authorities guidelines.

We can provide an application service in that we take photographs and notes and details about the work and submit any planning information on your behalf as your agent. We have done this successfully for properties that are listed and in conservation areas.

My building is in a conservation area, what will I need to do?
Any external alterations may be covered by a covenant stipulating style of windows.

What will you require when you start the project?
We will require a mains electricity supply, access to water and use of a toilet.

Is any preparation required?
We ask that we are given a clear area to work in, we advise that any soft furnishings are removed or covered. We will provide dustsheets for carpet protection and to cover any furniture. We take great care in protecting your environment prior to any work starting. We will tidy up and vacuum at the end of each stage of the job, at the end of the day and at the end of the project. Our customer feedback regularly cites our level of tidiness tidiness as both unexpected and very welcomed!

Do you remove the waste from the site?
We remove and dispose of all waste generated throughout the project. We use a company that separates and recycles our waste. On larger jobs it may be necessary to arrange a skip in site but this is something that would be addressed on an individual basis and is rarely the case.

Will I need to erect scaffolding?
We work from the inside of the windows and rarely need scaffolding, however there have been 2 occasions where scaffolding has been necessary. Again this is something that would be addressed on a needs basis and is rarely the case. We have a scaffolding company who we work with and can arrange this if required.